burials at sea

Private Charters


Family, friends, and clergy may conduct the ceremony and assist in the scattering of ashes into the sea. The Riviera can comfortably seat up to 28 people for this event. Riviera Charters has a professional staff with experience in burial at sea. 

Burials Under the Sea


This is an everlasting underwater memorial to the beloved. In this celebration of life, our divers bury or scatter remains below the sea and mount the headstone on the reef while the event is captured on video for those that cannot dive. 

Unattended Burial Services


If you or loved ones do not wish to venture onto the sea, we will be able to conduct everything for you. We can tailor the preferences to the needs of the family. 

Contact Us direct 866-400-3483

Everything we do for the beloved ones is tailored to the family. Whether we provide services, flowers or other needs; we'll ensure that everything is handled professionally and with total regard to the family.

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funeral homes and services

Fair Haven Memorial Park & Mortuary


At a time when Orange County was considered "new" a visionary by the name of Oliver Halsell saw the need for a beautiful, modern memorial park to serve the growing population in and around Santa Ana. On August 28, 1911, he and a few other local businessmen created Fairhaven Memorial Park. From it's birth, Fairhaven has stood apart with its lush towering trees, its deep, emerald green lawns and its beautiful, stately buildings.


McCormick & Son


McCormick Mortuaries has been helping Southern California residents through times of loss for over eighty five years, with a long standing history within the communities they serve.

Through the years locations were built in Hawthorne, Manhatttan Beach, Redondo Beach/Torrance, Lake Tahoe, Inglewood, Gardena, San Juan Capistrano, Westchester, Laguna Beach, and Laguna Hills. 


Cremation Society of Orange Coast


Cremation in Orange County and Southern California is an affordable and dignified alternative to a traditional funeral service. Cremation Society of Orange Coast provides a complete, simple cremation service.

When more than a simple cremation is desired, Cremation Society of Orange Coast has options available. 


Atlantis Cremation & Burials


Atlantis Cremation & Burials provides simple low cost, dignified direct cremation. Pricing includes many of the necessary expenses for cremation, including the removal, basic alternative container, and required refrigeration. 


Riverside National Cemetary


Riverside National Cemetery (RNC) is a cemetery located in Riverside, California, dedicated to the interment of United States military personnel.

22495 Van Buren Blvd.
Riverside, CA 92518


Orange County Funeral Director's Association


The Orange County Funeral Directors Association, a non-profit organization comprised of mortuaries, funeral directors and businesses that primarily serve the funeral industry in Orange County, California. The OCFDA provide a supportive community for the promotion of advanced professional funeral practices. Set the example of funeral professionalism in Southern California.