Dive the Riviera!


The Riviera is a 40-foot customized vessel that is certified by the United State Coast Guard for 30 passengers. For your diving comfort, we only take 20 divers per trip. With 30 life vests, on board oxygen and AED, and many other safety features, the Riviera will be your choice for a safe and fun diving environment!


See the Southern California coastline like you've never seen it before! Reach deep reefs and hard to reach dive locations. Enjoy pelagic encounters and the kelp forests! You can't come here and say you didn't see it!


We're one of the most affordable boats in the entire state of California! Get on our boats and conduct two dives and be back early to enjoy the rest of your day or evening! Whether you are looking for scuba certification or a fun day out on the water, our dive shop and dive boats will ensure you have the experience of a lifetime!

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do a local 2-tank dive!

Enjoy a beautiful day of diving on the Riviera as we visit sites along the Southern California coastline. We'll visit hard-to-reach locations from shore such as Broadway pipeline, Deadman's Reef, Heisler Park, Wood's deep reefs, Treasure Island and much more! Enjoy two dives interacting with one of the most beautiful underwater worlds on earth.


Local 2-Tank Dives


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Our most popular excursion is this two-tank dive along the California coastline. Visit popular SoCal dive sites, a professional dive crew. Tanks and weights are available on the boat as well as snacks, water and other refreshments. This experience is typically 4 hours. Indicate the date you would like on the weekend for this dive! Purchase your advanced tickets here!

Dive the A.C.E.

"Early on Nov. 26, 2005, the A.C.E., a 58-foot drum seiner, was en route to the Dana Point Harbor after a night of bait fishing. Offshore winds, which kicked up a sharp and quick chop producing vertically shaped waves breaking only seconds apart, slammed the boat relentlessly until it finally capsized. The vessel had already been listing from a leaking deck hatch." - Scott Marshutz

That was when she sank. Now the A.C.E. is home to thousands of underwater organisms as it lies in rest at 113 feet.


Dive the A.C.E.


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This dive is reserved for Advanced, Deep, Technical and Rebreather divers only. Sitting at 113ft, this destination requires only the most comfortable divers on board. Join us for an A.C.E. Dive! Purchase your advanced tickets here.

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